15 July 2011

Coconut Lemon Cake

I am awfully sorry to inflict yet another lemon recipe on you, you must be bored of them by now if you have visited before, but im not really sorry because Im an addict and I need my citrus fix

Plus this is lemon AND coconut, another of my all time favourite flavours and together they are one of the best combo's out there - summer in a sponge :)

This cake is just ridiculous, you literally chuck everything in a bowl, mix, pour it in the pan and 40 minutes later you have a gorgeous smelling home and a beautiful, deceivingly impressive and drop dead delicious cake. I mean really, what more could you ask for! It is so so moist, divine in both texture and taste, and not to mention oh-so pretty! I have to say, Im quite chuffed about this one, Im like a proud parent coo-ing over it and making sure no pesky flies get their grubby paws anywhere near

I first eyed this lovely up a gooood while back and have been dying to make it ever since. Its on the absolutely wonderful blog What's For Lunch Honey? run by the brilliant Meeta. It's one of the blogs I have followed for the longest and there are SO many amazing recipes on there I implore you to check it out if you haven't already. This cake was her Mum's and, if you haven't guessed by now, I love a tried 'n tested family recipe :)

Without further ado, here is the recipe - just check how simple it is! The only changes I made was to use desiccated coconut rather than shredded, I used about 3/4tsp zest in the icing which was scrummy (you could leave it at the 1/2tsp if you would rather a subtler lemon hint), and I added about 10 drops lemon extract as I didn't have the full Tbsp of zest needed for the cake (I ran out into town whilst it was baking to pick up another lemon for the icing, thats dedication right there! If only I put as much effort into my degree...and not literally 'run' mind, I don't do running, I do eating)

Coconut Lemon Cake

For the cake
185g all-purpose flour
3 tsp baking powder
45g shredded dried coconut
1 Tbsp lemon zest
250 sugar*
125g butter, melted
2 eggs (large)
250ml milk

For the frosting
185g icing sugar, sieved
90g shredded dried coconut
1/2 tsp lemon zest, coarsely grated (I suggest 3/4 tsp)
60ml lemon juice

Preheat the oven to 180C and grease + line an 8 inch (20cm) cake tin

Sieve the flour and baking powder into a large bowl and add the coconut, zest, sugar, eggs, melted butter and milk

Mix until smooth and creamy, will be runny, and pour into the cake pan

Bake for 40 minutes until a slight crust forms**

Cool for 5 minutes, remove from pan, and then cool completely on a rack

For the frosting: mix together the icing sugar, coconut and zest. Gradually pour in lemon juice until a stiff but spreadable mixture is formed

Spread the frosting over the cake using a metal spatula (or knife if you are like me!) ***

Store in an airtight container

*I used caster sugar..then ran out at the 110g mark as Im unprepared and a fool, so made up the rest by whizzing granulated sugar in a processor to make it a bit finer - tip of the day, do as monkey say's, not as monkey does - don't be a doofus like me and be prepared for those baking urges at all times!

**I covered the cake with parchment at the 35minute mark to stop it from over-browning and also had to bake it for an extra 19 minutes (59 total, I have a silly oven). It never shrunk from the edges like I was expecting, not sure if this is because I didn't line the sides of the pan just the bottom, I would line it all next time as it did stick a bit

***I used just under 60ml's of lemon juice for the frosting and the mixture was quite thick but easily spreadable once you got the hang of it. I found doing a lightish layer all over first, then going back over again worked best for me, a bit like doing a crumb coat

   Click for a handy printable :)


  1. oh i am for sure printing this one to make for my brother in laws bday! thanks so much! :)

  2. This is for sure a keeper! Looks so pretty!

  3. This cake looks amazing! I can't think of anything better than coconut and lemons cohabitating in one happy dessert.

    (also, I think you can substitute coconut milk for buttermilk. Just add a squirt of lemon juice to boost the witty acidity...and because one never needs an excuse to add lemon. ) :D

  4. OMG! this cake looks so fluffy and yummy, i love the flavor of lemon in cake.

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  5. I am a huge coconut fan and always looking for new recipes. Will definitely have to bookmark this one.

  6. @Katie Thank you Katie!! It means a lot you would even consider making a recipe ive done for your brother in law's bday :) If you do try to make it and have any questions dont hesitate to get in touch!

    @Angie's Recipes Coming from someone whos blog and recipes I think of so highly that is a lovely compliment, thank you Angie :)

    @Valerie Valerie thank you for commenting and answering my question, your blog is an inspiration to me. I hope to try your divine looking coconut cupcakes in the near future!

    @Cheri Sicard Thank you Cheri, i hope you do get round to trying it as, as a fellow coconut lover, i can guarantee it hits the spot! :)

  7. Oh my god-

    I have to quit my job because I want to bake every single recipe of your blog fulltime!

    Kind of tempting idea, even I love my work...
    You see, you are brilliant!



  8. I don't think I could ever get bored of another lemon recipe. Love that flavor in baked goods!

  9. Nadine! Lovely of you to stop by and comment again :) That made me smilleee, so kind of you to say so! If you liked that lemon drizzle cake and like coconut too then you should consider this one definitely. I only made it yesterday and it has TOTALLY gone already, that says it all really!
    And you too are brilliant! :)

    @Shumaila Thank you Shumaila for taking the time to comment :) I too dont think i will ever tire of lemon in all its gorgeousness!

  10. I love anything lemon and this sounds great!

  11. that cake sounds delicious, I love coconut and you just don't see it in baked goods often enough. The hint of lemon, adds another dimension to it!
    Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!

  12. @Miss @ Miss in the Kitchen Thank you for commenting! Lemon is just the best isnt it :)

    @Chef Dennis Thank you for your lovely comment Chef Dennis! Coconut is just a wonderful ingredient to cook with I agree, nothing quite like it :)

  13. That sounds delicious! so easy too!
    I love the combination of lemon and coconut! I am sure my hubby will LOVE it! Will HAVE to make it for him :) thanks for the recipe...

  14. I think this is a PERFECT recipe for my husband's never ending love for coconut..Looks so easy & perfect to pull up.citrus & coconut..mmmyum.Thanks for sharing.

  15. @chinmayie @ love food eat It is indeed both delicious and easy, the best combination! I do hope if you make it that it goes down very well with you and the other half! :)

    @Tanvi@SinfullySpicy Thank you Tanvi! Your husband has good taste! :)

  16. I just stumbled onto your blog and I have to say I'll be bookmarking it! I'm also a procrastobaker and it's great to see another one out there! Love your recipes!

  17. I love the combination of coconut and any citrus! Your cake looks fabulous :)

  18. Coconut and lemon together are delicious! One of my favorite flavor combos. Your cake looks beautiful!

  19. @soundless_space Thank you! Its a fabulous combo isnt it, so moorish :)

    @Patricia Scarpin Thank you Patricia, you have a brilliant blog and from you that is a very gratefully received compliment :)

  20. OMG I want this so bad right now!

  21. @CC11 It was pretty darn addictive I have to say, I too wouldnt mind some right now but sadly its all gonnnee! Thank you so much for commenting :)

  22. looks divine! will the cake be just as tasty without the icing?