26 July 2011

Raspberry Bakewell Cake

I love Summer. I mean I reallyreally adore it. Winter definitely has it's positives, there is little more comforting than snuggling up in front of the fire in the living room on a nippy evening, munching on toasted marshmallows or chestnuts, but when Summer comes around everyone seems to walk around with such a happier outlook on life. People in the street just seem...smiley! And one of the BEST things about Summer to me is berries. If I had to choose between a life devoid of fruit or a life without sweet treats, I'm afraid I would have to give up the sugary sweets (but lets not even think about this as ever being a possibility)

I get through an obscene amount of berries in these few months, it's an expensive addiction, but I very rarely bake with them because, in all honesty, I eat them before they get a chance to be made into something else! But this time I saw a recipe I fancied and, determined to make it come to life, bought the berries especially (I hope you appreciate the self discipline required for the one night they were sat in the refrigerator)

The bakewell tart is a classic English creation and this cake is it's spongey cousin. The cake itself is a dreaaammmm. I have NEVER had a cake that most literally melts in your mouth like this one does, that was in fact the first thing my mum said about it, and it really does. It is so soft and moist, the topping is lightly crisp and it is absolutely jam packed with raspberries, just check how many it calls for! That was the winning factor when it came to trying out this recipe, and boy am I glad i did :) The batter is quite thick so the berries don't sink whilst baking. It is really rather pretty in its understated way, and is a lovely tea time cake whilst being attractive enough for gifting too I think. One thing I discovered is it makes a wonnderrfulll dessert, please if you make it (which you so so should!) try it warm with some freshly whipped cream or ice cream if thats how you roll....dangerously good

Here's the recipe, if you have a food processor it is the easiest cake you could everever make, and is pretty darn simple even if you don't! I truly can't think of any improvements for it, bake a little Summer into your life today :)

Raspberry Bakewell Cake
Barely adapted from BBC GoodFood
Makes 1 8inch cake

140g/5oz ground almonds
140g/5oz butter, softened
140g/5oz golden caster sugar*
140g/5oz self-raising flour
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla extract
250g/9oz raspberries
2 Tbsp flaked almonds
icing sugar, to serve

Preheat the oven to 180C, line and/or grease a 20cm/8inch loose bottomed cake tin

Whizz together the ground almonds, butter, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla in a food processor until completely combined **

Spread half the mix evenly in the cake tin, scatter the raspberries over
Dollop the remaining batter on top and roughly spread (can use fingers if you find it easier)
Scatter the flaked almonds on top and bake for 50minutes until golden ***

Cool, remove from the tin, dust with icing sugar to serve

* I saw this in the shop so bought it, but normal white caster sugar would work just as well
** I only have a dinky little blitzer and after putting the dry ingredients in saw it blatantly wouldn't all fit! I roughly split the dry mix into 2 and put half in the mixer with one egg, whizzed, removed then repeated with the other half and egg. I then just stirred the 2 together in a bowl to make sure everything was even. It's a pretty hard cake to mess up it seems! (famous last words)
*** Don't stress (like I did!) if you think there is too little batter to cover the top sufficiently, it all works out in the end :) and I recommend making sure the almonds are flattish on top so no edges catch and over-brown

              Scrummy little printable


  1. This looks wonderful. I'm just like you in rarely cooking with berries. As soon as they are in the house, we tend to eat them. :)

  2. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful!! I will definitely have to try this one out. Like a recipe swap, of sorts! :)

  3. I grow raspberries so the berry addiction I have is a little cheaper then yours! Looks delicious!

  4. I totally agree, people always seem much more happy and joyful in summer. Sun just makes the whole world of a difference. Your cake looks delightful! :)

  5. @DD Thanks DD! You are lovely to say so :)

    @Barefeet In The Kitchen It takes some restraint not to absent-mindedly finish off berries without realising hey! Thank you so much for commenting Mary

    @Sabeen Please do give it a shot, i whole-heartedly recommend it! Let me know how it turns out if you do :) Thank you for commenting, and your bakewell tart is still veyr much in my dreams right now!

    @Lauren's Latest I think we have coincidentally JUST bought some berry plants so fingers crossed they will blossom and feed my addiction with a plentiful berry supply one day :) Thank you so much for your comment Lauren!

  6. Thank you Gourmantine! I just finished off another slice, its nearly all gone (sob!) I dont think i emphasised enough in this post how goddarn AWESOME this cake is warmed up! 30 seconds in the micro = perfect dessert. :)

  7. I love bakewell tarts, one of my favourite non-chocolate cakes! I've never made it with raspberries (or any fruit, for that matter), but it looks like a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing... and please tell me how you created that awesome little printable at the end of your post? It's excellent!

  8. I love this cake! Summer will be here in a few months and I hope to give this a go.

    I have to confess due to berries being more expensive here, I generally bake with frozen berries and eat the fresh ones. I'm quite jealous of countries like the UK and US and their mountains of fresh berries!

  9. Wow, this cake is right up my alley, but then I can't really think of a cake that wouldn't be, only if it had brussels sprouts. Gorgeous and I have 3 pints of raspberries begging to be baked.

  10. Hi Sasha

    thanks for leaving a comment at my blog :) I'm glad you did, because otherwise I wouldn't have discovered yours! Your cake looks absolutely fabulous and although I've heard of a bake well tart, I haven't had the chance to taste it or the cake before, and given that it's (imported) berries season here as well, I'm definitely giving this a try soon!

  11. Isn't this beautiful? And I agree... everyone is happier in the summer. I know I am!

  12. It looks fantastic. Why is it called Bakewell?

  13. I've eaten yet you still succeed in making me hungry! I love almonds and raspberries - beautiful combo!!! Shame raspberries are so expensive or else I would making this asap!

  14. @Kate@FudgyGoodness What a lovely comment Kate, thank you :) You are the third person today to ask me about the printable! Im so flattered! It is a complete botch job but a bit of a rambly method so if you pass me your email address (you can email me at sasha.sebright@hotmail.com if you would rather keep it private) and i will tell you exactly how i do it! There are better methods im sure but im more than happy to share mine :)

    @Emma Im not sure how frozen berries differ during baking, but i would have though you could substitute them if you fancy (maybe making sure they are thawed and as dry as poss before hand? as i said, i am clueless i am afraid!) Thank you for your comment as well as your email :)

    @Heidi / foodiecrush Well i think this is a wonderful use of some of those berries Heidi i have to say! :) I may be biased as i am currently munching on a big warm hunk of a slice, but im pretty sure you would be happy if you chose to make this and please let me know how it goes if you do!

    @Janine Hello Janine! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :) I 100% recommend it and will put my blogging dignity on the line and say please do make it! I hope you enjoy it as much as me and my Ma greedily have :)

    @Kristen Thats so kind of you to say Kristen, my photos dont do it justice sadly but it is rather a pretty little thing :)

    @Maureen Well as far as I know Maureen, the Bakewell Tart was made famous by a cook in the place Bakewell in England a lonnggg time ago, so named after the place of its creation i think! This cake is just a spin off of the tart, which is pastry, a layer of jam and an almond frangipane style filling

    @Vanessa K haha that made me smile Vanessa :) it is rather a delicious combination i have to say, and neither overpower the other it really is lovely. If you do manage to get your hands on some rasps definitely give it a go! :)

    @Eftychia Thank you :) it tastes pretty darn good too!

  15. This looks amazing, I really need to get some raspberries. After reading your description of the bakewell tart, I would choose a slice of your cake over the tart. Yum-thanks for sharing

  16. What a gorgeous cake, this looks delicious!! LOVE your blog and so glad you found mine so I could find yours! New follower! xoxo

  17. Thanks for visiting me today. I appreciate your kind words. Now, I can't wait to check out your declicious creations. This Raspberry Bakewell Cake is an amazing beginning, as it is so hot here. The raspberry and almond combination is a wonderful summer treat.

  18. This looks stunning! And perfect with a glass of fizz in this lovely weather!


  19. Well here it goes again, the post comment buttons are disappearing, so my comments have not been registering...I will try and then leave another regarding your post

  20. Now that it is working...This is a fantastic looking cake. Raspberries are so wonderful this time of year! After reading your description on the bakewell tart and I would prefer a slice of this cake over that. Yes, it would be nice to have fresh berries in the backyard, but we don't all have the weather for it.

  21. Oh my word that looks amazing! I love raspberry things.

  22. this is lovely, your cake looks delicious, I love raspberry and also the almonds. this is really nice.

  23. I have heard of Bakewell Cakes and always been curious about them so I have no excuse now not to try one since you've presented this beautiful recipe!

  24. It is an expensive addiction (berries), one that I suffer from too.
    The bakewell looks wonderful!

  25. your pics are awesome..lovely recipe..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  26. There are not many flavor combos I love more than raspberries and almonds - what a beautiful cake! Looks so tender!

  27. This looks absolutely delicious! I'm a berry-lover as well so I can only imagine how great this cake is :D

  28. Perfect for summer. Just gorgeous!

  29. @Tina @flourtrader I definitely want to try the tart but for the time being i am MORE than happy with this cake i have to say! In fact i made another one this morning as a present for my Godmum, it really is that good! :)

    @Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny Thats such a sweet comment, thank you Kelly! I am a loyal follower of your excellent blog too :)

    @Chris Chris, it was my pleasure, and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave such a nice comment

    @CakewithHazel Unfortunately bubbly goes straight to my head! But apart from that, i think they would go together perfectly indeed :)

    @Tina Thank you Tina, it is indeed a lovely summery cake :)

    Oh there are just too many lovely comments to reply to, thank you ALL equally, you make my day a very happy one indeed :)

  30. The cake looks gorgeous.. and i like your each step pictures!
    I am drooling on the lemon bars and the ginger cookies too!
    Thanks for dropping my blog!
    Richa @ http://hobbyandmore.blogspot.com/

  31. Thank you Richa, thats such a kind comment and it was my pleasure to find your blog :)

  32. I've made this very cake myself. Tis a bit on the scrummy side isn't it!

  33. That is one of my all time favourites....yum!x