19 July 2011

Raspberry Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

That's one lengthy name huh! I think they should just be called delicious, or spectacular, or maybe more suitably 'pain in the behind cookies'...because life has a cruel sense of humour and these cookies are so scrummy but I have never before cursed at cookie dough balls so much in all my life! I'm not going to lie to you, if you are looking for a quick fix treat to quash that niggling need for something sweet, this most certainly ain't it! But what you do get for all your hard work is the love child of a deeply chocolatey cookie with a fruity creamy cheesecake, thats one sexy offspring.

Imagine the smile on unsuspecting guests faces as they take their first bite, the initial sensation is of the crisper sugar-coated cookie edges and an unexpectedly intense chocolatey rush. Then you sink into a soft, smoooooth, subtly berry tinted filling that contrasts beautifully. Truly addicting let me tell you! Oh and they are just so pretty :)

Sadly these really are the most fiddly sticky downright stubborn things to make that I have ever experienced, kinda backwards as I was expecting the Almond Tart to be the pain in the derriere not these cute innocent looking things! I learnt some tricks along the way to make the process a little less expletive-inducing and will include these in the recipe/notes below. The problem is the dough really is not made for stuffing, it's a pretty soft mix that does set up alright after a good chill but as soon as you start to roll it in your mitts it attaches itself to everything! Then try locking in a blob of liquidy filling in the middle of a squished sticky ball, its a learning curve I can tell you!

Click on any photo to enlarge. Check out the sticky paws in the second photo! Although please ignore my sausage fingers :)

If you give these a go, you will be repaid by some truly gorgeous cookies, no pain no gain hey! But I am sad to say Im not sure whether these will be making a repeat appearance just because im a quick-n-easy kinda gal :) (where cooking is concerned only I hasten to add!) Simple recipes with deceivingly delicious results are my kinda thang. I do think I will try each component separately again though as both parts were just..mmm
Raspberry Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Cookies
Adapted from Buns In My Oven
Made 24 cookies using balls slightly smaller than suggested

For the Cookies
1/2 cup (4oz) unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup white (caster) sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
extra sugar for rolling

For the Filling
4oz cream cheese
1/4 cup powdered (icing) sugar
2 tsp seedless raspberry jam*

Beat together the butter and sugar for the cookies until light and fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla, beat until smooth
Sieve in the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. Mix until well combined
Put the bowl of dough in the fridge to chill thoroughly

Beat all the filling ingredients together
Preheat the oven to 350F/180C and line baking sheets with parchment paper

To assemble: take a golf ball sized chunk of dough, roll it in your hands to form a ball and then flatten to form a disc**
Place a teaspoon of the filling into the centre, close the disc around the filling, roll it into a ball and then put in a dish containing the extra sugar - coat well ***

Put the cookie balls on the lined sheets 2 inches apart and bake for 10-12 minutes
Cool at room temperature for at least 15 minutes, before cooling for at least 30 minutes in the fridge

*I only had seeded raspberry conserves so sieved the it before using. I found I had lots of filling left over probably due to making slightly smaller cookies. Pleeeassseee don't throw it though! It's utterly delicious as a dip for fresh strawberries :)
**This is where it gets interesting! After a while the dough begins to soften and get more sticky so I ended up keeping it in the fridge and using it from there. May seem a bit annoying but it definitely helped 
Flattening it into a disc is easier said than done..i found rather than squishing it, which just fixed it onto my hand, that having it on one palm and slapping it flat with the other worked a bit better for me
***I had to use less than a teaspoon to even get the dough to remotely close around it. Even then you may find this tricky, I just did a kind of botch job then patched up holes with a bit more cookie dough. Don't over fuss the ball then, if you do it is more likely to burst open. Just chuck it in the rolling sugar, making sure its well coated, and if there are any bits that look like they could leak just make sure they are on the underneath of the cookie when you place them on the sheet

 Click for a nice little printable :)


  1. I had exactly the same problem when I made these a couple of weeks ago! I just assumed I'd done it wrong. I gave up due to a crying baby and layered the mixtures in a loaf tin instead and sliced it afterwards. They tasted good, but yours look a lot nicer. Loving the blog.

  2. Sticky, stubborn dough or not, these cookies look fantastic! I love recipes that stray off the road a bit and take a different path.

    Thanks for the helpful photos too! I'm never sure how much filling to use in stuffed cookies. :D

  3. That look fantastic.Bet its worth the effort.It looks soo yumm
    Thank u 4 stopping by my space and leaving such lovely comments.You hav a great collection here!!
    I got about 30 cup cakes from the Poppy seed cupcake recipe i posted:-)Do let me know how it turned out once you give it a shot:-)

  4. These look fabulous. I really hate working with sticky dough like that. Way to go! I might have tossed that plan half way through.

  5. ohhh yumyum gimme sooome!!

    I LOOOVE cheesecake.. these r awesome.

    Will try these!!

    Have to decorate a batch of cake pops today and tomorrow, but when I find time, I want to try this one, I am sure this is SOOO for me :)))

    much love sasha,

  6. Anonymous - i so wish I had thought of layering it in a loaf tin! Im actually half tempted to try that out, maybe not visually as surprisingly pretty as the cookie version but easier and probably just as tasty! Brilliant idea :)

    @Valerie Thanks Valerie! I was unsure also, it was very much a matter of messy trial and error!

    @Ramya Your cupcakes did indeed look delighttffulll, thank you for visiting my blog too and leaving such a kind comment!

    @Barefeet In The Kitchen It was rather a pain but the stresses tend to disappear as soon as you start to eat the yumminess hey :)

    @DD Thank you! If you try them let me know how they turn out :) be prepared for chocolate covered mitts!

    @niner from wechooseorganic.com Thanks Niner!! :) Cheesecake is dangerously irresistible stuff hey! I really must give cake pops a go as they are oh so cute, cant wait to see how yours turn out. If you try these lemme know how you get on :) Much love right back!

  7. You caught my eye on cheesecake! And wow, what a combination! The end result of your sticky stubborn dough looks absolutely perfect!

  8. looks yum! and really different!

  9. i just made/ate a batch of cupcakes/frosting but these are still making my mouth water. is that bad?

  10. I adore the idea and I could see how it's hard to make...but still, you've done a fantastic job and I want a bite! :D

  11. Wow you did an amazing job, they look so neat and pretty (not to mention delicious).

  12. I always have issues when I make cookies but I am especially inept at them. These do sound totally worth the trouble, though!

  13. Looking good Sasha, I bet they were really tasty! Yes, I have made Bourbons before, and Custard Creams, so much nicer homemade than shop bought :-)

  14. I have never seen a cookie like this- I would love to be the one surprised by the first bite into this cookie! This looks amazingly good- even just the cookie looks really yummy! Definitely worth the trouble :D (then again, I love fiddly recipes...haha)

  15. Oh goodness, cheesecake stuffed cookies?! I never knew such a thing existed. I must make these a part of my world. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Sasha, So impressive and pro-looking...They may have been finicky to work with, but you make the cookies look perfect!
    Wish I could eat one right now:)

  17. I would to be one of the surprised faces trying these beauties! Yum! Love the idea of such a delicious filling. Beautiful!

  18. I've stuffed chocolate cookies with peanut butter before, but never raspberry cheesecake filling! What an inspired variation- I've got to try it some time, and soon.

  19. Way to hang in there and get it done! What a wonderful creation!

  20. Your cookies look fantastic!!! I love the idea of a raspberry cheesecake filling. Yummo! Your persistance definitely paid off as they look perfect.

  21. I've had a very difficult time deciding on which post to comment on-everyone of your posts looks amazing. Great photos, too!

  22. wow! those cookies look amazing! i can already see myself getting flustered if i made these since they look challnging but you did a great job and good work for not giving up :)

  23. "White (caster) sugar" ~ granulated, I assume you mean, not powdered?

    As always, I love what you have to say and how you say it. You have a 'way with words'.

  24. Cheesecake inside a cookie?! Oh man...sounds like heaven!! :D

  25. What a decadent cookie, I'm not sure I am patient enought to make them though which is a shame as the sound amazing.

  26. This is really interesting! Would love to stuff this with some minty component too...

  27. oooo! these looks delicious! :) chocolate and raspberry is the best combination in the world!

  28. Cheesecake stuffed cookies? What can be better than that? I love this and want a bite (or two, or three....)

  29. Firstly thank you ALL for your comments, every single one is so gratefully received :)

    @esther No Esther not at all! I am a snackoholic and I wont have even finished the last treat before thinking about whats next, so i do not judge you at all :)

    @Kathleen Richardson Kathleen, thank you for your lovely comment. Im glad you brought this up actually as it is something i have been wondering too. I think we may call things slightly different names confusingly - basically I use 3 main types of sugar; powdered/icing/confectioners sugar, caster sugar and finally granulated sugar (in ascending size order)
    If you click on the photo in the lemon drizzle post (http://theprocrastobaker.blogspot.com/2011/07/lemon-drizzle-cake.html) you can see the bag of caster sugar i use
    Can anyone else clear this up? I think English caster sugar may be what America calls granulated? And if so what do you call your larger grained sugar? Confusing hey!

    @Shirley @ Kokken69 I thought EXACTLY the same thing Shirley! I was going to split the filling in 2 and use peppermint extract in half with green colouring but decided not to at the last minute, I think it would be great though :)

    @Courtney Jones Thank you Courtney, they are indeed a match made in heaven :)

  30. These look amazing! As much as they were a pain to make, I think they must have been worth it in the end! And hey, at least now you can say you've conquered them!

  31. Ohh wow!!..thz look delicious!!..have to try!!..first tyme hr and i like ur blog!!:)

  32. What a fun cookie! I bet they're well worth the effort.

  33. Holy Moly! These look amazing!! I can't wait to try to make these. They absolutely appear to be worth all the effort!

  34. @Vanessa K I completely agree, its so much more satisfying if something that was a little tricky works out in the end, makes me feel less guilty for eating them so fast! :)

    @FOODILICIOUS Your comment made me smile :) I checked out your blog and I see you are a newbie like me, you have some lovely recipes already though! I will keep checking in :)

    @Shawnda Thank you! My hips might argue but my tummy was certainly content!

    @Karla Thats such a lovely comment Karla, thank you! If you give them a shot let me know how you get on, i hope they are worth it for you too! :)

  35. Omg this is just amazing..love the recipe totally.. my mouth is literally drooling.


  36. @Pavithra I have to say I am rather craving these myself right now too, might have to find a way of making them quick n easy to make! :)

  37. These look so amazing!! I love the little hidden surprise inside the chocolate cookies!! Maybe one of these days I'll give them a shot...sometime when I have a lot of patience. Thanks for the extra tips!! :)

  38. Holy moly! You've got me drooling on the computer screen! :) Thanks for joining the cheesecake party link-up!

  39. @BreAna {Sugar and Spice and All Things Iced} Thank you so much for taking the time to comment :) They do take a bit of patience it has to be said, but at least you get something yummy at the end hey!

    @Lara My pleasure entirely :) Youre cheesecake week was fabulous so I am elated to be able to take part in a mini way!

  40. @Meister @ The Nervous Cook Thanks Meister :) They are rather dreamy i have to say, i ate far too many of them than i care to admit!

  41. OMG! You just made me have a total craving for chocolate cookies! But these ones are so...TEMPTING! Look like they're not very easy, though. But with all your tips and detailed steps yo wrote I think I'll dare to try this recipe!
    PS: your blog is so lovely!