27 August 2012

Rum, Baileys and Kahlua Truffles...boozy balls!

Somehow I am now entering my last week at the house we made home in Nottingham, time goes stupidly fast! In fact I actually have 3 days left until I have to move out, prepared? Not in the slightest.
To say farewell to the house we had a little end of year party with a select few nearest and dearest. It was decided that we were going to host a cocktail party with a black tie dress code, any excuse to dress up a bit snazzy! I thought it might be nice to make a few sweet treats for people to snack on during the night, would feel like a bit of a let down if I didn't make anything! In the end I opted for the quick, easy and ever popular Oreo Cheesecake along with something new that I have always wanted to make, boozy truffles! 

6 August 2012

Recipe Catch-Up

Recently I have been living in Nottingham with my better half and his housemates but came back home in South Wales this week to help my mum with some much needed sorting out of my dad's belongings before I go off on my adventures at the end of September. Sorting out a relatives life into boxes, things to keep, things to give away, things to throw away, can be rather draining to say the least...definitely a job I have been putting off! I tend to live in a bit of a denial world, floating my way through issues by pretending they don't exist..not terribly effective and much to the dismay of my ma! But as she and my dad separated when I was young this job had to be done by me in the end...sigh. Denial world is so much easier!

Due to the above Im afraid I have not had the chance to bake so I do not have a recipe post for you this time round, but I missed blogging so thought I would use this opportunity to update you on some recipes I have made and loved but never blogged about :) Any photos in this post will not be my own, goodness me I wish I had photography skills like these...

Sweet Recipes

I haven't made this one for a long time now, but when I first discovered this gem of a recipe I couldn't stop making it! 3 simple ingredients (cream, lemon juice and sugar) and a stupidly simple recipe creates the smoothest, creamiest, most moorishly citrusy dessert...people will think you are a kitchen genius. I need to make this one again soon