30 May 2012

Oreo Cheesecake-Pie

 Firstly, just to clear up the kind of funny name, this lovely dessert was originally called (Creamy) Oreo Pie. Apart from being made in a pie dish this was, in my opinion, in no way a pie..it was a cheesecake! A delicious refreshing no-bake cheesecake..in a pie dish. I got too many people asking/cheekily mocking about this being a 'pie' to not make a little change of name :)
Now thats over! On to the important stuff. This by FAR exceeded my expectations. I like Oreos as much as the next person but, as you might do, wondered how such a simple recipe with so few ingredients could make anything particularly noteworthy, nice maybe..but not very memorable. How wrong I was! This was definitely noteworthy, and so so easy that I will not hesitate to make it again in the future if I need a last minute impressive dessert that looks like it took hours to make :)

24 May 2012

Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Oh do I have a treat for you today! :) I have to say, I have always steered pretty clear of making my own chocolate chip cookies. Im not entirely sure why, but I would say its down to the fact that my first few attempts (a long longgggg time ago) produced overly sweet poor imitations of bakery cookies which just didn't float my boat. These however, putting my Gran's ginger biscuits to one side, I am pretty darn sure are my favourite cookie discovery to date. I am rather proud of them I have to say!

18 May 2012

Baileys Chocolate Cake

 Hello all! It has been rather a long time hasn't it, but I am incredibly happy to be back blogging again :) Sorry I did not manage to post at all during my last year at uni, a bit more hectic than I imagined it would be! But I have a fair few bits and bobs to share with you, including my first recipe post as a free lady out of academia! 
Where to start, so final year was much tougher going than I anticipated but I thoroughly enjoyed it (I did Biology for those that don't know, specifying in Zoology). I completed my exams a few weeks back so now its just a waiting game for the results! Fingers crossed :)