6 August 2012

Recipe Catch-Up

Recently I have been living in Nottingham with my better half and his housemates but came back home in South Wales this week to help my mum with some much needed sorting out of my dad's belongings before I go off on my adventures at the end of September. Sorting out a relatives life into boxes, things to keep, things to give away, things to throw away, can be rather draining to say the least...definitely a job I have been putting off! I tend to live in a bit of a denial world, floating my way through issues by pretending they don't exist..not terribly effective and much to the dismay of my ma! But as she and my dad separated when I was young this job had to be done by me in the end...sigh. Denial world is so much easier!

Due to the above Im afraid I have not had the chance to bake so I do not have a recipe post for you this time round, but I missed blogging so thought I would use this opportunity to update you on some recipes I have made and loved but never blogged about :) Any photos in this post will not be my own, goodness me I wish I had photography skills like these...

Sweet Recipes

I haven't made this one for a long time now, but when I first discovered this gem of a recipe I couldn't stop making it! 3 simple ingredients (cream, lemon juice and sugar) and a stupidly simple recipe creates the smoothest, creamiest, most moorishly citrusy dessert...people will think you are a kitchen genius. I need to make this one again soon

I adore The Hairy Bikers, I think they are totally loveable and, as they obviously have a passion for their grub, they create recipes just bursting with flavour. They have recently started dieting and lost a bomb-loada weight, making a diet cook book that revolves around the same divine food but a little lightened up. My kinda diet book. Anyway this cake was kind of my speciality a few years back, it looks so impressive and tastes scrummy. Im not even a marzipan fan but for some reason I don't mind it in this, it just reminds me of my childhood! I actually have some grubby blurry old photos of my not so neat versions..here's 2 to prove I'm not fibbing (one for mothers day and one for easter)

There's a lovely history behind Anzac biscuits that, if they appeal to you, I recommend having a look at. They are pretty similar to flapjacks in taste and texture, which are a sweet oaty buttery bar that I believe are very British in nature (and utterly delish). I have to say these are probably one of my favourite cookies to make, they are dangerously good. The ingredients are very basic and consistent in the various versions I came across, but the ratios of ingredients in this recipe were my personal favourite. If you can find golden syrup wherever you are I implore you to make them and eat the syrup by the spoonful. Its the nectar of the gods.

Savoury Dishes

I made these for mothers day a few years ago when I was very new to making meals on my own, but the memory of them remain with me! They are rather generous in size I have to say...even for my appetite! But I remember not having any trouble with the recipe and loving working with filo for the first time, I was so very chuffed with the final product too which looked so similar to the picture I felt like a culinary goddess. These parcels were the starting point for my love of leeks, they are so creamily perfect in this recipe. Oh my stomach is grumbling for this to be inside it again

Anyone that's looking for healthy recipes that don't compromise on flavour simply need to check out Gina's blog. It is just full of tempting, beautiful recipes that definitely do not look 'diet' in the slightest! This was a recipe I whipped up on a whim whilst looking for something different one evening. It is SO so easy, and deceivingly scrummier than the simple ingredients might lead you to believe. I made it with wholegrain mustard as thats what we had, and served it with a garlicy mash (but I bet it would be divine with rice too). I wouldn't hesitate to make this again and plan to soon

I made this only last week and my goodness I cannot recommend it enough! This was one of those recipes I was drooling over one morning whilst pondering what to make that evening, before looking at the shockingly small ingredient list and realising I had it all on hand..don't you just love it when that happens! This may not be the healthiest of dishes but it is so so worth it, I don't often get a shocked/appreciative 'how did you make this!?' from my partner but this earned it. I halved the recipe, added a chopped red pepper and diced the chicken before browning it. Served over some dreamy mashed potatoes this was AMAZING. Make it please

This is the latest recipe I made for my other half and myself, and I loved it so much more than I expected! My only real past pesto experiment I had involved me in my final year of uni bunging a bit of jarred pesto on some drained pasta and being rather unimpressed with the dry..'blah'ness of it. I was young and foolish ok! (even if it was at most 9 months ago...) So I was sceptical about this but had a previous request for a pesto sauce dish so thought I would give it a shot. My oh my this blew me away, so much so the day after I made a second mini batch of the sauce for my pasta lunch :) The chicken is moist with a crisp outside and the sauce is rich, creamy and just to die for, another hit with us both

So there are a few of the recipes I sneakily made without informing you! Every one of them I recommend wholeheartedly and hope you find them as wonderful as I did :)

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