5 October 2012

Greetings from New Zealand!

Hello lovely readers! Sadly I was running round frantically trying to sort my unorganised self out for my travels so I ran out of time to say a temporary farewell before I left. But here I am now to say Kia Ora (hello in Maori) and to let you know a little more about what I am doing at the moment :)

I stayed for a week, with Pete, at a friend-of-a-friends just North of Auckland. The couple we stayed with are absolutely lovely and incredibly helpful, having moved from the UK 50 or so years back and been here ever since, so they had a lot of really useful information for us naive folk.
The people here so far seem wonderful! Very friendly indeed. Money wise we are a little short at the moment as my funds haven't transferred from my account in the UK, it seems it has got lost in the electronic world somewhere which is worrying us rather a lot! But Petes money came through so I am a kept woman at the moment!

New Zealand itself so far seems beautiful...and we have barely left its largest city! The surrounding suburbs are each so individual, every house seems to be built to differ from its neighbors, which makes me wonder why we accept so many housing estates at home. Cheaper I guess, but no where near as lovely! You can walk straight along the coastline from town to town which is convenient and make for such nice walks.

Auckland itself I am loving at the moment, as I type I am in this amazing little chinese bakery which I stumbled upon a few days back and loved immediately! Im getting to try things like coconut buns, moon cakes and other amazzzinngg treats that I never did before. I think Pete is beginning to despair about my sweet tooth...don't even get me started on the churro's with hot melted chocolate we bought the other day...divine

Anyway thats enough rambling from me for the moment! Next time I speak to you hopefully I will have some money, might have bought myself a motorhome and be ready to camp around the island..exciting times!

Hope you are having a lovely week :) 

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