29 July 2011

Lemon Meringue Cake

Yup, you read that right, lemon meringue cake :) I have yet to attempt making the godly thing that is the lemon meringue pie (definitely on the to-do list) but this morning, whilst pondering over what scrummy little thing to rustle up, found this recipe I bookmarked so long ago I don't even recall and just knew this was the one for me! It's a little more involved than the oh-so divine Raspberry Bakewell Cake I whipped up the other day as it combines 3 different parts, but each separate bit is really very easy to do, so while it takes a little longer its no more stressful and well worth the mini extra effort :)

I was so happy with how this one turned out! It's just the cutest little snowball/cloud like cake and would make a lovely dinner party dessert 'n the such. It isn't a fabulous keeper though, so I wouldn't make it if there was any chance it was going to hang around for more than two/three days. Each part tastes wonderful in its own right; the base is a dreamy basic vanilla sponge which you slather in a silly amount of creamy tangy lemon curd, and if that wasn't enough there is a mahooosive amount of silky fluffy meringue to get through first :) It's definitely not a cake that does things by halves, and this is finnnnee with me!

Click on any photo if you wish to enlarge it :)

I weighed as I went just incase any of you lovely people prefer using scales than cups and have included my weight measurements below. Sorry for the mish-mash of units, I kind of went with which were nicer numbers! If I was to make this again I would add the zest of a lemon to the filling mix, the lemonyness didn't come through quite as much as I personally would like, and I think it could do with a little more of a zing :) apart from that minor change this is one scrummy pud!

Lemon Meringue Cake
Barely adapted from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures
Makes 1 8inch cake

For the cake
1/4 cup (2oz) butter (I used salted)
1/2 cup (95g) sugar (I used white, caster)
1 egg and 2 egg yolks (save whites for meringue)
1 cup (125g) all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup (70g / 2 1/2oz) milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

For the filling
2 egg yolks (save whites for meringue)
1 cup water
3/4 cup (137g / 4 3/4oz) sugar
1/4 cup (25g) cornstarch*
1/4 cup lemon juice**
1 Tbsp (1/2 oz) butter
Zest of 1 lemon (optional)

For the Meringue
4 egg whites
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 (95g) cup sugar

For the cake: Preheat the oven to 350F/180C and line/grease an 8 inch cake pan
Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy
Add egg and egg yolks, mix until well combined
Sift together the flour and baking powder in a separate bowl
Add the dry ingredients to the wet mix, alternating with the milk, starting and ending with the flour
Add the vanilla, mix well, pour into cake pan and bake for 25-30 minutes
Let cool for 5 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack

For the filling: In a saucepan combine the yolks, water, sugar, cornstarch, and zest if using. Whisk together and cook over a medium high heat until thickened***
Remove from heat, add lemon juice and butter, mix well
Strain to remove lumps
Set aside whilst you make the meringue

For the meringue: Beat egg whites until foamy
Add cream of tartar and beat for 1 minute
Add the sugar 1 Tbsp at a time, beating until soft peaks form (about 3-4 minutes, or a ruddy long time if you only have a hand whisk like me!)

To assemble: Preheat the oven to 350F/180C
Place the cake on a baking sheet and spread the filling over the top, leaving a 1/2 inch boarder around the edge
Spread the meringue over the top of the filling, sealing to the edge of the cake ****
Bake for 12 minutes until meringue is slightly browned (can also do under the broiler but must watch very closely if so)

* I used cornflour which I believe is the same thing
** I used a little more after tasting. I would recommend tasting it after cooking the filling (which of course you would do anyway, there are spoons to be licked!) and add a bit more if you feel it needs it
*** It took a little while after it started to lightly bubble, maybe 7minutes, but thickened up really suddenly. It may seem quite fluid still but will thicken up further as it cools
**** I had a bit of filling and meringue left over, I probably could have used all the meringue but in my opinion there was too much filling for the base to handle! It's yummy by the spoonful or on toast, so no complaints! I would try to use it all next time though

Click for a less rambling printable version :)


  1. Yummm..I love lemon meringue pie but always prefer cake to pie. This is right up my alley, and it looks amazing!

  2. This cake looks dreamy. Out of the world :) Wish I could taste it right away :) Fantastic try :)

  3. @Lisa Thank you Lisa! Pie, cake, i couldnt choose either way, so this...'pike' is a dream for me too!

    @Nithya Thank you so much Nithya! Your comment made me smilleee :)

  4. What a great idea! I've never had a lemon merigue cake. Terrific.

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! You made my day.



  5. I am such a sucker for meringue. Meringue and cake together? Me must try!

  6. Amazing! Lemon meringue pie is one of my favorites. I love this cake adaptation! What a fantastic idea!!

  7. I found my soon to be birthday cake!

  8. Sasha! I am so glad you found The Butter Dish as thereby I have found you! Love your blog and recipes as well. - Mr. Sweet Butter would absolutely LOVE LOVE this.

    Now I see what you mean about "had me at Lemons" ☺I follow all blogs that follow me - so you have a new member. Look forward to you posts in my email box.

  9. Talk about gorgeous photos, WOW, you make food look unbelievable. I'm so happy you stopped by my site so now I can add you to my regular rotation. Just amazing photos.

  10. I totally agree with you when it comes to meringue not keeping well! but this cake is definitely worth all those mini efforts!

  11. Ooh yum, like a lemon version of the cherry meringue cake I made. I really think the meringue adds something special to it.

    Have you tried making mini cake versions? I made some small muffin sized ones and piped the meringue on, it looked so pretty, and stopped me taking a huge slice ;-)

  12. I have never had this but it looks so lite and fluffy! YUM :)

  13. Your meringue looks fantastic. I have such trouble with my meringue wilting.
    Oh and thanks for stopping by www.apronofgrace.com and commenting!

  14. That is one impressive looking meringue! Love the design of your blog. I'm from Wales, but now living in the States.

  15. Oh this is stunning! Love the layers - well done =)

  16. Yummy!!! Look at all those yummy layers! Delicious! :D

  17. @Rosa's Yummy Yums My pleasure Rosa, you have a totally sunning blog that is an utter inspiration to me

    @lavieenfribourg Awh Nadine, that's so lovely! I hope you reallyreally enjoy it if you do decide to make it as your birthday cake. I would definitely recommend increasing the lemon in it somehow though if you are like me and like it to be a bit more noticeable :)

    @Tara @ The Butter Dish Tara thats an insanely lovely comment, thank you! Mr Sweet Butter is an incredibly lucky man to have you making such delicious things as seen on your blog for him :)

    @kokolikes.com That comment means SO much to me. Photography is by far my weakest point and so that was such a lovely thing to read. Thank you!

    @Paula @ Spoons 'n' Spades I LOVE that idea!! That would be wonderfuulll, miniature anything is so cute and personal portions are always a winner! I will have to try that some day, thank you :)

    @Apron of Grace My pleasure entirely :) If you were to attempt this I can guarantee you wouldnt have any problem with the meringue (as long as you did the obvious, no egg yolk etc stuff) as its pretty straight forward, touch wood, just whisk away! They can be temperamental things though indeed

    @Lisa (this litttle piggy) Hello fellow Welshy! Its lovely to hear from someone from this part of the world :) Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Lisa

  18. That looks like an incredible cake! (I also love your printable recipes--so cute!)
    I will be sure to try this recipe if I ever want to make something lemon-flavored :)

  19. I recently tried to make lemon meringue tartlets for the first time and they were a success. I've never tried a lemon meringue cake and yours looks fabulous - I'll be sure to give it a go! Love your photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  20. @Nourhan @ Miss Anthropist's Kitchen Thank you so much! The cake did disappear rather fast I have to say :)

    @Kate@Fudgy Goodness Thanks Kate! lemon meringue pie/tart is on my to-do list next too :) if you give it a go be sure to let me know how it turns out!

  21. Wow, that came out lovely! Your meringue looks perfectly fluffy!

  22. @the [sugar] apothecary It did luckily turn out quite nicely I have to say! Thank you so much for commenting :)

  23. This looks like pure heaven for me. I will definitely be making this!